Journault Jourplex, Quebec's Leader in Metal Transformation

Journault Jourplex's mission is to put its expertise and know-how at the service of its customers' projects in order to provide top quality products and services.

The history of JOURNAULT JOURPLEX began in 1975, founded and managed during the first 20 years by Jules Journault who knew how to penetrate the market, offer products of durable quality and increase the company's reputation.

Logo Journault Jourplex

Since 2010, the second phase has been in place. Alexandre Journault as vice-president reorganizes the production work and participates in the management of the company. His contribution brings a new breath to the company, and a new energy that propels Journault Jourplex among the leaders of metal transformation companies with products such as :

  • floor and roof hatches,
  • skylights
  • ladders and stairs and products that come with options,
  • foot grills,
  • and other types of products!

JOURNAULT JOURPLEX products, whether they are :

  • Aluminum,
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel,
  • raw, galvanized or painted steel,
  • or other metals.

These products have become a reference for :

  • Water treatment plants,
  • waterways,
  • REM projects,
  • Hydro-Québec,
  • STM,
  • general contractors,
  • specialized roofing contractors and roofers,
  • and other types of businesses.

Since 2016, Journault Jourplex has entered its third phase. Alexandre Journault has become the president and assumes the management.

The goal is to maintain Journault Jourplex as a leader in metal transformation, by investing in :

  • the process of continuous improvement,
  • the development of ULC certifications for certain products,
  • the renewal of the new website www.journaultjourplex.com,
  • the development of partnerships with its customers,
  • the professionalism of its administrative and commercial team,
  • the expertise and experience of its production team.

Currently, Journault Jourplex is :

  • one of the best metal transformation companies in Quebec,
  • a company at the cutting edge of technology,
  • an eco-responsible company.
We like to innovate with you, entrust us with the challenges of your projects, we will always find solutions.
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