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Roof Hatches FS-AL smoke roof hatch

Provide an automatic smoke trap type "FS-AL" as manufactured by Journault-Jourplex inc. and install at the location indicated on the plans. Covers shall be aluminum. Insulation shall be 25 mm (1") thick fiberglass fully covered and protected by aluminum cladding.

The frame shall have a minimum height of 2.5 m.

The frame shall be shaped from aluminum and 305 mm (12") high insulated with 25 mm (1") thick fiberglass. It shall have a water discharge at the top and a 102 mm (4") mounting flange at the bottom. Hatch shall be fully assembled with heavy-duty rod hinge, compression spring, neoprene gasket, heavy-duty damper and interior and exterior operating handle and fusible link operating mechanism. The door shall open automatically when heat of 74°C (165°F) melts the fusible link. An optional electromagnet installed inside the door can be connected to the building's alarm system.


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