Floor Hatches
TPE-D-AI model

The 304 or 316 stainless steel door shall be TPE-D-AI 304 or TPE-D-AI 316 as manufactured by Journault Jourplex Inc. The frame shall be made of steel U-channel" welded at all four corners, including an anchoring flange at the perimeter.

The leaf shall be made of a 6 mm (.25'') thick non-slip 304 or 316 stainless steel plate capable of supporting a load of 300 pounds per square foot. It shall be connected to the frame with sturdy piano hinges. In addition, it shall be equipped with spring-loaded lifting cylinders for ease of operation. A self-locking retaining arm with a handle shall be installed for added security. A trap door lock shall also be installed with a removable handle on the exterior and a fixed handle on the interior. A drip hose shall be placed in the frame of the hatch. Hardware shall be stainless steel as standard equipment.

To improve the sealing of the hatch, a rubber gasket shall be incorporated around the perimeter of the frame. In addition, a neoprene gasket bonded to the cover will allow it to mate with the rubber gasket on the frame when closed.

*The double leaf floor hatch can have the leaves on the same axis or on opposite axes

*Possibility of producing a floor hatch with more leaves

* (Optional) Integrated padlock hasp and insulation

* Other sizes available upon request (consult manufacturer)

Accessories and spare parts