Floor Hatches
TPE-AL-H20-S6 model

Reinforced floor hatches model TPE-AL-H20-S6 from Journault Jourplex Inc. are manufactured to support heavier loads than standard TPE hatches. They are designed to be installed off-road, where they will not be subjected to heavy traffic. Despite their strength, these doors are designed to be easily operated with spring calibration.


The access door shall be TPE-AL-H20-S6 single leaf as manufactured by Journault Jourplex Inc. The frame shall be made of aluminum "U" section welded at all four corners, including an anchoring flange at the perimeter. The sash shall be made of a 6 mm (.25") thick non-slip aluminum plate capable of supporting a greater load per square foot. It shall be connected to the frame with heavy duty stainless steel piano hinges. In addition, it shall be equipped with spring-loaded lifting cylinders for easier operation. A self-locking retaining arm with a handle shall be installed on the door for greater security. A trap door lock shall also be installed with a removable handle on the exterior and a fixed handle on the interior. A drip hose shall be placed in the frame of the hatch. Hardware shall be stainless steel as standard equipment. A rubber gasket shall be incorporated around the perimeter of the frame to improve the sealing of the hatch. In addition, a neoprene gasket glued to the cover shall be used to mate with the rubber gasket of the frame when closing. Aluminum "U" shaped profiles shall be welded to the door leaf. In addition, a reinforcing piece shall be welded to the inside perimeter of the frame to allow for greater strength.

* (Optional)Integrated padlock hasp and insulation

Note: When a hatch is to be installed on a roadway, where it will be subjected to heavy traffic it is required to use an access hatch made of galvanized (or stainless) steel with a load capacity of 20 tons. Under these conditions please specify model TPE-AG-20T (galvanized steel) or model TPE-INOX-20T (stainless steel)

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